Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zhongguancun distribution company, disappeared off a 1 million yuan of goods

June 21, Zhongguancun Technology & Trade City, a digital camera, electronics distribution company boss suddenly disappeared, a dozen businesses in Zhongguancun changing products with a total loss of nearly 100 million digital cameras, traders believe the company's boss In the malicious fraud. Close in January, the Zhongguancun IT mall three similar incidents have occurred in 5 cases, tenants are anxious at the same time that the market order has been destroyed.

Distribution company coming for a while

And suddenly this company called Beijing Peng Wei Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. (Peng Wei Zhong Tian), the company's Electronic City 2112 Room & Trade Office, the legal representative for the 23-year-old man Hao Yunpeng Inner Mongolia nationality. In addition to the company, the Hao and another company called Roc entrepreneurial technology companies, both companies engaged in Zhongguancun and online distribution of digital camera business. Technology & Trade E-City in the same floor, Weiwei Zhai Hao's wife also founded a company called the North line of the advertising companies.

According to the North line of a staff yesterday introduced the morning of June 21, Haoyun Peng and Weiwei Zhai no duty to the company, "We are working to find the hard drives of all computers have been removed." The employee said they followed to the boss call, but all phones are off the computer. "We ran the first reaction is the boss." Employees open the cargo library view, and found that Curry value of more than 30 million digital cameras all but disappeared. Several employees in the evening arrived Haoyun Peng Zhuang, Haidian on rental places and found that Hao has been Surrender to leave.

"We had heard that there are strings arrive in Zhongguancun run things, did not expect this to happen to the body of the." Employees say, the boss evaporation, also owes the company 14 months of wages of ordinary workers.

Bad check received more than ten business

At the same time, Zhongguancun business of digital products more than 10 businesses have also been found, Hao Yunpeng checks paid hundreds of thousands of empty promises are not honored, the largest loss of as much as about 180 thousand yuan.

"These checks account without a penny, there are more than 20 million check, or Hao Yunpeng using his false name of a friend." Businesses Akashi said he was swept away more than 80,000, "the company almost a year profits this year as White did. "

Mr. Sun describes damage to businesses, entrepreneurs, and Peng Wei Dapeng transit companies mainly engaged in Kodak, Ricoh and Olympus brand digital cameras 3 distribution are getting goods from the hands of other dealers, then send goods to dealers across the country. Hao disappeared, many foreign customers called saying they had the money remitted, but did not receive Hao delivery.

Mr. Sun said, Hao Yunpeng only the money owed close to 1 million businesses in Zhongguancun, not counting the loss of foreign customers. Hao traders believe completely in the fraud.

Damage to businesses that operate order

"Traditionally, we used 3 days after delivery, usually to the settlement payment within 1 week. Now that we have this, not as before, and only the current node is now shipping." Akashi said business, but This also affected the number of shipments, "the profit of 3 percent less than usual. but not any other way." traders who believe that their order of operation also suffered.

Top Electronics Mall Li Zhong Jin, director of operations said in an interview yesterday, due to mainly rely on IT products in the Zhongguancun commercial distribution channels, so the risk of changing products can not be avoided after the evaporation. "Zhongguancun took place every five or six months to two such events, shopping malls are not only reminded traders that the effect can not fundamentally solve the problem." Zhong Jin said.

The current business we have started legal action to resolve the matter.

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